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4-4 Growth in the US

Population Growth in the United States

Use the information in the tables on this page to make a graph of the United States population from 1800–2040.

Calculate and graph the rate of growth for each decade beginning with 1810. The formula for rate of growth is:

Rate of growth = The (present decade population) minus (previous decade population) divided by 10 Investigation Population Growth in the United States Begin with: (population in 1810 – population in 1800) 10

Graph the United States rate of growth for each decade using your data.

Question 4.13.
Do you get any negative numbers?

Question 4.14.
Can the rate decrease even though population increases? Explain your answer.

Compare the the rest of the world by completing the Table 5B. You may use the graph on the next page to estimate values of world population in the future. Note that the graph is of yearly increase, not actual population numbers.

Table 5A: U.S. Population
Table showing population growth in the United States
Table 5B: U.S./World Population
Table showing the population of the world over time

(The projections for the United States population are from the United States Bureau of the Census, Current Population Reports, P25-1092)