Ecosystem Change Investigation 7-1:

Environmental Savings
for Recycling

For every ton (2,000 pounds) of paper that is substituted for wood pulp in the manufacturing process:

• 17 trees are saved

• 60 pounds of air pollutants aren’t emitted

• 7,000 gallons of water are saved

• Enough energy is saved to power the average home for 6 months

• landfill space is saved (2.5 cubic yards is saved for paper; 4 cubic yards for cardboard)


• Calculate the number of trees you will save by recycling paper for one year.

• Calculate how many trees could be saved if every student in your class recycled paper for one year?

• Write an article for your local newspaper to publicize your efforts and attract more community support.

• Conduct a survey at your school to find out what percentage of students recycle at home and at school.

• Get together with some of your classmates and start an awareness program on recycling at your school to increase student participation.

• Get a baseline measurement of how much is being recycled at the beginning of the program then monitor your progress.