Ecosystem Change Investigation 6-1:

How Do Cultures Affect Ecosystems?

Conduct a library research project to analyze what is known about a culture and its relationship to natural resources and the land.

Include in your report

• What are the culture’s main sources of energy and food?

• Describe the nature of land use.

• To what extent do these land use practices change the ecosystem?

• What evidence is there that the culture is “out of balance” or “in harmony” with nature?

• What lessons can we apply to current environmental problems?

• Document your references and include maps or diagrams.

The following lists of existing and vanished cultures are offered as possible topics, but feel free to come up with your own selection.

Lost Civilizations Contemporary Cultures

Anasazi of the Southwest U.S.

Easter Island

Mayan culture

Mali empire of Africa

Native American Mound Builders

Ancient Hebrews

Ancient Egyptians

African forest people

Bushmen of the Kalahari,


Eskimo people

Native Americans of the Amazon

Various Native Americans from North America