ABCs of DEW Software Investigation 2-1:

Pixels and Digital Images

The number of pixels in an image tells you the picture’s resolution. More pixels means a higher resolution, allowing you to distinguish more details in the picture.

The Pixels button of the software DigitalImageBasics can increase and decrease the resolution of the image, so that you can see how many pixels are necessary to recognize the picture’s subject. When you open an image, it will be at the lowest resolution: 2x2=4 pixels. Increase the number of pixels until you can make out what the picture is. Record the resolution needed to recognize the mystery pictures.

Use the program DigitalImageBasics with the Pixels button activated to fill out the chart on the next page and answer these questions:

Question 2.1.
How does the resolution of an image affect what you can see? Why would you need more pixels to identify an image?

Question 2.2.
When could you identify an image with large pixels? How does resolution affect interpreting satellite images?

Pixel Count Chart

 Mystery Picture #
At what resolution can you recognize the subject of the picture?
What is the subject of this picture?