ABCs of DEW Software Investigation 2-2:

Color of a Pixel

 The word pixel comes from the phrase “picture element.” Each pixel displays the color of a tiny region of the image, and that color is the average color for the entire region. In the following tables you will look at the red, green, and blue intensities of a large pixel and the smaller pixels that define the same region.

Charts for the investigation

A. Open a mystery picture of your choice in DigitalImageBasics with the Pixels button active. With the resolution at the minimum, 2x2=4, show the pixel borders for 2x2. Move the cursor over each pixel and write down the color intensity values (%) shown in the lower, left area of DigitalImageBasics window.

B. Increase the resolution of the picture to 4x4=16. This time write down the color intensity values for the four pixels that cover the same region as the Upper Left pixel from the 2x2 resolution. In the last row, write the average value of the column.

Question 2.3.
Compare the averages from the second chart to the values for the Upper Left pixel from the first chart.
How are they alike? What do you expect would be average intensity values for the pixels in this same region if the resolution is 8x8?