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ABCs of DEW Software


Table of Contents

  1. Three-Color Light
  2. Pixels and Color
  3. Measuring Length
  4. Measuring Area
  5. Explore & Measure
  6. Spectral Analysis
  7. Temporal Analysis
  8. Further Investigations

Index of Investigations

ABCs of Digital Earth Watch Software is the guide to how to use software for analyzing digital images, both from digital cameras and satellite images of Earth. There are sections on how images are constructed from 3 primary colors, pixels, using software tools to measure length, area, and color. Ultimately learn to determine environmental changes seen in satellite images, including the health of vegetation.

What data are in digital images:

2012: A project that has used DEW software extensively is STEM Digital Images in Geoscience Investigations:  Teaching Analysis with Light, or STEM DIGITAL for short. The NSF-funded project is for high school and middle school teachers and students to conduct environmental research aided by the analysis of images from digital cameras, scanners, and the Internet. The project uses AnalyzingDigitalImages software extensively and you may find project materials at

Investigations in this book: