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Digital Earth Watch (DEW) Software
for Digital Earth Watch activities and ABCs of Digital Earth Watch Software
Java installers — March 2015:
DEW software suite - (76 Mb; Mac*)
includes the following 3 applications:
ColorBasics (64 Mb
; Mac*)
DigitalImageBasics (22 Mb
; Mac*)
AnalyzingDigitalImages (50 Mb
; Mac*)
DEW software suite - (76 Mb; Windows)
includes the following 3 applications:
ColorBasics (4 Mb)
DigitalImageBasics (22 Mb)
AnalyzingDigitalImages (50 Mb)
 2016 Xojo versions — 15 July 2016**:
(64 Mb; Mac*)
(70 Mb; Windows)
(For older RealBasic versions, see Legacy page)
The software MovieTracker is no longer supported. Try this alternative: Tracker
* On Macs with recent OS, you may get an error message when you first try to open any of the DEW software: "[software] can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences allow only installation from the Mac App Store and identified developers."   To run the software, open System Preferences > Security and Privacy and temporarily make "Anywhere" the setting for "Allow apps downloaded from".  After you've successfully launched the software, you can change the System Setting back to what it was.

** See ADI software revision history

For Hands On Universe (HOU) Software,
we recommend using SalsaJ (free)
for investigations in A Changing Cosmos

IMAGE SETS (for both Mac and Windows)

Images for DEW

Images for Digital Earth Watch
(26 Mb .zip)

Astronomical Images (for SalsaJ/HOU—A Changing Cosmos):

  • FITS images for A Changing Cosmos are linked in the materials lists for each respective investigation.
    Here are  JPG versions (2.5 Mb, .zip)
  • Set for Solar System Science: FITS (13 Mb, .zip)  -|-  JPGs (1.3 Mb, .zip)
  • More Telescope images: FITS (40 Mb .zip)  -|-  JPGs (13 Mb, .zip)
  • From Bareket Observatory (Israel):
    RR LYRAE Variable Star -  JPGs (4.4 Mb)
    Transit of planet GJ436b - FITS (85Mb)  -|-  JPGs (1.5Mb)

Digital Earth Watch User Guides

Digital Earth Watch Help Videos