Museletter by Richard Heinberg. Essays by Richard Heinberg, on such topics as: Geopolitics; Energy; Oil depletion; Civilization and its unintended consequences; Economics from a contrarian perspective; Suggestions for how to weather the coming energy transition.

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Environmental News Network -- -- daily environmental news.

NASA's Global Change Master On-line Directory (GCMD) 2008 -- Provides descriptions of Earth science data sets and services relevant to global change research. More than 10,600 descriptions of Earth and environmental science data, with information on how to obtain the data and/or direct links to data sources. The individual data set descriptions were contributed by more than 1,300 data centers, government agencies, universities, research institutions and private researchers around the world. The directory is organized by topics: Agriculture, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Human Dimensions, Hydrosphere, Land Surface, Oceans, Paleoclimate, Radiance/Imagery, Solid Earth, Snow and Ice and Sun-Earth Interactions.

Earth & Sky's 90-second radio shows are available online. Download shows to a computer or subscribe at

Earth Observatory

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) brings together government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, and businesses in an effort to make Earth Science information available to a broader community. Gateways to an impressive set of data centers

Earth Science Literacy Initiative

Earth Shots--Satellite Images of Environmental Change

US Global Change Research Program

EPA's Planet Protectors Club for Kids

Goddard Space Flight Center Top Story Archive

Goddard Space Flight Center Press Release Archive

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For the latest NASA Earth science news, visit the NASA Earth Observatory ( or Science@NASA (

12/16/2003 -- The Maine Event, by Diane Curtis. Excerpt: Almost 1 1/2 years after laptops began flooding Maine's middle schools, students, teachers, principals, and parents across the Pine Tree State are relaying success stories for which the portable computers are credited. Stories of sullen truants transformed into outgoing school leaders. Stories of leveling the playing field. Stories of environmental projects or oral histories benefiting and uniting not just the school community, but the community at large. Stories of teachers reinvigorated by a new way of teaching that encourages real-world problem-solving and individual student initiative...

1/19/2004 -- Laptops On Expedition, by Diane Curtis. At first, it may look like they're taking part in a graduation ceremony, but the students who march across the stage at Maine's Falmouth Audubon Society to shake hands with their principal and teachers aren't walking away with diplomas. They're walking away with tangible results of their learning. In this particular case, the 85 seventh graders from Helen King Middle School in Portland each received a copy of "Fading Footprints," a CD-ROM they produced about Maine's endangered species...

Professional Development

Earth Systems Science Education in the 21st Century Design Guide for Undergraduate Earth System Science Education (College level)

Earth Systems Science (ESS) 16-Week On-Line Graduate Course for 5th - 9th Grade Teachers, by WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consoritum.

Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) -- provides step-by-step instructions for using Earth science datasets and software tools in educational settings. Each chapter of the EET walks users through an example-a case study in which the user accesses data and uses analysis tools to explore issues or concepts in Earth system science. In each chapter, users produce and analyze maps, graphs, images, or other data products.

Earth Systems Science On-Line Course for Earth Systems Science online courses (16-week) through WestEd Eisenhower Regional Consortium. features student-centered, knowledge-building virtual communities. Teachers participating in the High School ESS course will engage in a collaborative, inquiry-based electronic environment: team with fellow teachers, analyze the impact of Earth events on spheres, develop Earth systems models, research Problem Based Learning (PBL), and create ESS and PBL activities to use in their classrooms. Contact: Libby Rognier <> Tel: 415-615-3214

Earth Comm -- High school Earth Science course from It's About Time Publishing

The GEODE Initiative -- The Geographic Data in Education (GEODE) Initiative at Northwestern University is dedicated to improving public understanding of our world through education about the Earth’s physical, biological, and social systems. The GEODE Initiative develops and studies curriculum, software, and teacher professional development.

Videos For GSS

Films for the Humanities and Sciences -- -- Series: Way Out West, An Introduction to Ecological Science; Series: Planet Under Pressure, Geochemistry includes titles such as Chlorofluorocarbons and Ozone Depletion, Acid Rain and the Environment, Winds of Change: Global Warming and Extinction; lots more...

Earth Science Literacy Initiative
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On Climate Change:


galaxy photoSelf-Organizing Systems (SOS) created by the originators of GSS (Richard Golden and Cary Sneider) can help students achieve a coherent view of the world/universe.