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2012 Hands-On Universe Conference 

is a 
1-day e-HOU telecon/webinar
9am-2pm PDT (12-5pm EDT)

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Proceedings (times Pacific Daylight Time Zone):

Background: An internet based (with some participants based at Yerkes Observatory) was held Friday, June 22, 2012. This conference was recorded on Ready Talk (power points and audio of speakers available below). The conference was quite successful, and the attendees all were enthusiastic about a one or two hour US HOU E-conference meeting once a month.   

9 am
Gathering, technology checks, informal socializing, informal planning/brainstorming for HOU 2012-2013
Hear participants introduce themselves (Quicktime 3Mb).

9:30 am
Carl Pennypacker (UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA USA) - US and Global HOU: Lessons and Future Trajectories
Download Carl's ppt file - Hear Carl's presentation (second half; Quicktime 7Mb)
Summary: US HOU is still evolving and growing, and endeavoring to respond to changes in US science education policy. Approximately 150 teachers experienced using HOU tools, and we hope some reasonable fraction can use HOU in their classrooms. All of the tools and parts of HOU are in pretty good shape, thanks to great work by everyone in US and Global HOU. The telescope networks are arriving in force, now, Salsa J and Stellarium softwares are great, and a large number of great activities has evolved.
The middle school plans are underway now with some hope of better funding, and after school is getting very ready for dissemination to larger groups. UC Berkeley had a pilot grant from a foundation, and is trying to build on that success now. I felt that we need more coordination and organizing of the resources, as many people would like to use them, and many resources are hidden. HOU should be a resource for the several thousand of high schools that teach astronomy, and I am not sure we are recruiting them very hard, for example.
In addition, I feel that to make deep educational change, we should attempt to support Professional Learning Communities,  where teachers get some release time for discussing their lessons and their students and their assessments. Such communities seem to magically improve education, and I think HOU could benefit by such communities.

10:05 am
Rosa Doran (Portugal) - Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP) - Hear Rosa's presentation (Quicktime 29Mb)

10:30 am
BREAK; networking and informal planning/brainstorming for HOU 2012-2013

10:45 am
Bonnie Thurber (Deerfield, IL, USA) - The Moon Over us: a collaboration between China, USA and Brazil
[chat: Margie: 2012 Sep 22 International Observe the Moon Night at Yerkes]
Hear Bonnie's presentation (mp4; 15Mb)

11 am
Patrick Miller (Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene TX USA) - International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) Update  - Hear Patrick's presentation (mp4; 20Mb)

11:35 am

Chuck Ruehle (Racine, WI  USA) - Telescopes to Tanzania - The Journey Continues
Handout Document: Support Telescopes to Tanzania
Hear Chuck's presentation (mp4; 19Mb)

12:05 pm
 Nancy Ali (Space Science Lab, UC Berkeley, CA USA) - Report on European Union Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE) Conference. Download Nancy's ppt - Hear Nancy's presentation (mp4; 9Mb)

12:15 pm
BREAK; networking and informal planning/brainstorming for HOU 2012-2013

12:30 pm 
Rich Lohman (CA USA) - The Latest from Over-the-Hill Observatory; GHOU training in Chile; ....
UniverseQuest materials: https://www.box.com/s/32vtxakct635neni97nl
Hear Rich's presentation (mp4; 25Mb)

1:15 pm 
Alan Gould (UC Berkeley, CA USA) - HOU-Kepler Mission Update and Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education  - Hear Alan's presentation (mp4; 126Mb)

1:45 pm
Wrap-up; networking and informal planning/brainstorming


Jun 22, 2012, 4:29 PM
Jun 20, 2012, 2:32 PM