Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pdf version of the book that is better for printing?  
  • Answer: There is an icon "Print Friendly" in the top right corner of many of the GSS pages.  That is intended for use in making PDFs where left navigation is omitted. It's not perfect. Some tables and images may be interrupted at a page break. This was a decision that was made in 2005 to make GSS all-digital, for cost savings as well as for facilitating rapid implementation of revisions and improvements. We hope the resulting monetary savings and quality of product are worth that flaw. As years go by and digital presence in schools increase, many if not most students would be more happy to read the material online where there are no such flaws. Only those for whom a printout is needed have the slight inconvenience of an occasional cross-page  table or image. Many teacher guide pages have the Print Friendly feature as well.

Is GSS up to date/How does GSS stay up to date? Answers:
  • GSS staff can evaluate and implement a change very quickly, usually within days or even minutes. This is something textbook companies simply cannot do. The student books reflect automatically the most updated version. Updates do not need to wait for any multi-year cycle.
  • The GSS "Staying Up To Date" email service sends updates, mostly in the form links to articles relevant to specific GSS chapters, about once a week. You may sign up for this service or RSS feed at the GSS Staying Up To Date page. The archive of GSS Staying-Up-To Date postings is on these pages - http://www.globalsystemsscience.org/uptodate.
If I notice issues (links that don't work, information that is not correct...), who should I contact? 
  • Answer: Contact the GSS Director, Alan Gould <Alan Gould's e-mail address>. The student books are on a web site that is very easy for us to update it at anytime. If you have suggestions for improvement or find errors, he is the best person to send them to.

If I have [x] students, do I pay $5x to use the materials?
  • Answer: Yes, if you, your school, district, supporting parent or company can afford it, the intent of the pricing can be viewed as $5/student. We do not have any mechanism through UC to get revenue to support the project other than these licenses, so we use that mechanism for donations as well.  E.g. if someone wanted to donate $150, they'd purchase 30 licenses.

What improvements are planned? Answers:
  • We are in the process of updating GSS to be in support of NGSS. Latest efforts can be found on the GSS standards page.
  • We are also working on converting the GSS books to be more mobile-adapted. It already takes advantage of an intrinsic Google site option that makes it mobile-friendly, e.g. the left nav is hidden until you tap the menu icon. Page layouts are being improved as new techniques are learned.
Is there an updated teacher guide? 
  • Answer: Contact GSS Director, Alan Gould <Alan Gould's e-mail address> if you are a teacher and want access to the teacher site. It is served as a web site, and it is very easy for us to update it at anytime if new ideas or any errors are found. So what you see there is automatically the most updated version.