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What Is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a tool to help you stay in touch with web content that is updated frequently, such as news headlines, podcasts and blog posts.  Subscribing to an RSS feed eliminates the need to check the site periodically for updates. [Info graphic]. 

This option may be especially appealing to those who are already familiar with feeds or those who wish to decrease the volume of email they receive.

Directions for Subscribing to the GSS Feed

To subscribe to the RSS feed of the Global Systems Science page you will need access to a feed reader or an application that supports collecting syndicated items.  Most major browsers and email clients support this function.  You may also choose to subscribe through an feed aggregator service.  See RSS options (wikipedia) to find one that will best suit your needs.

To subscribe:
  1. Click on the feed icon ( Subscribe to Feed ) or the text link ("Subscribe to this page").
  2. Choose the the method by which you wish to subscribe to the feed (Examples: browers, feed aggregators, email clients).  
  3. If you would like to disable the feed at any time, you can simply remove it from your chosen subscription method.
    • Remove feed from RSS bookmarks in your browser
    • Delete feed from feed reader
    • Delete feed from your email client
Please contact GSS staff for assistance.