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03. Dangers of UV

The Dangers of UV to Living Things

2009 October 19. Color of Fabric Matters When Protecting Skin From Ultraviolet Rays. By By HENRY FOUNTAIN, The NY Times. Excerpt: It takes more than sunscreen to keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays from harming your skin. The type of clothing you wear can offer protection, too — or not. Studies have shown that some lightweight fabrics do not provide enough UV protection.
But it is not just the type of fiber and the weave of the fabric that matters, but also the color. Ascención Riva of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and colleagues have addressed the color issue, studying the effects of different dyes on the UV protection provided by lightweight woven cottons.
...They found that red and blue shades performed better than yellow, particularly in blocking UV-B rays, which are the most harmful. Protection increased as the shades were made darker and more intense. And if the initial protection level of the fabric was higher, the darker shades offered even greater improvement....

2001 August 12. NEWSWEEK COVER: JOHN MCCAIN: MY BATTLE WITH SKIN CANCER In the August 20 issue of Newsweek, Arizona Sen. John McCain and his wife Cindy talk about his battle against skin cancer. An accompanying report looks at the increase in skin cancer, new treatments being tested and a tribute to Maureen Reagan who died from melanoma.

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