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2015 July 14. NASA's Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter

posted Jul 14, 2015, 10:15 AM by Alan Gould   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 9:50 AM ]

NASA Release 15-149. For GSS A Changing Cosmos chapter 7. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is at Pluto. After a decade-long journey through our solar system, New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto Tuesday, about 7,750 miles above the surface -- roughly the same distance from New York to Mumbai, India – making it the first-ever space mission to explore a world so far from Earth. [photo taken on July 13, 2015 when the spacecraft was 476,000 miles (768,000 kilometers) from the surface. ...the last and most detailed image sent to Earth before the spacecraft’s closest approach to Pluto on July 14.]  http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasas-three-billion-mile-journey-to-pluto-reaches-historic-encounter - See also  NASA Release 15-152, July 15, 2015: From Mountains to Moons: Multiple Discoveries from NASA’s New Horizons Pluto Mission - http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/from-mountains-to-moons-multiple-discoveries-from-nasa-s-new-horizons-pluto-mission 0 and NASA Release 15-154, July 17, 2015: NASA’s New Horizons Discovers Frozen Plains in the Heart of Pluto’s ‘Heart’ - http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-s-new-horizons-discovers-frozen-plains-in-the-heart-of-pluto-s-heart