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03. Fossil Fuels

2019-08-16. Sinking Wastewater Triggers Deeper, Stronger Earthquakes. By Mary Caperton Morton, Eos/AGU. 

2019-07-19. Major U.S. cities are leaking methane at twice the rate previously believed. By Sid Perkins, Science Magazine.

2019-05-16. The Global Helium Shortage Is Real, but Don’t Blame Party Balloons. By Heather Murphy, The New York Times.

2019-05-14. In Pennsylvania, Methane Emissions Higher Than EPA Estimates. By Aaron Sidder, Eos/AGU.

2019-03-26. They Grew Up Around Fossil Fuels. Now, Their Jobs Are in Renewables. By John Schwartz (photos by Brandon Thibodeaux, The New York Times.

2019-03-22. Judge Blocks Oil and Gas Leases on Public Land, Citing Climate Change. By Jenessa Duncombe, Eos/AGU. 

2019-01-29. China’s Coal Plants Haven’t Cut Methane Emissions as Required, Study Finds. By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times.

2018-12-12. Power from peat—more polluting than coal—is on its way out in Ireland.By Emily Toner, Science Magazine.

2018-06-21. Natural gas could warm the planet as much as coal in the short term. By Warren Cornwall, Science Magazine.

2017-11-16. Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota. By Mitch Smith and Julie Bosman, The New York Times.

2017-10-29. How a 672,000-Gallon Oil Spill Was Nearly Invisible. By Christina Caron, The New York Times.

2017-06-08. Digging the Graveyard of Oil’s Past. By Stanley Reed, The New York Times.

2017-05-10. Where and How Can We Find New Sources of Oil and Gas? By Said Gaci and Olga Hachayon, Earth & Space Science News (EoS; AGU).

2016-11-21. Largest Ever U.S. Shale Oil Deposit Identified in Texas. By Aaron Sidder, Earth & Space News (EoS), AGU.

2016-11-18. Fracking can prime faults for subsequent quakes. By Ian Randall, Science.

2016-09-03. Seismic Hazard in the Midwest. Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.

2016-03-31. The Invisible Catastrophe. By Nathaniel Rich, The New York Times.

2016-02-25. California gas leak doubled methane emissions in L.A. basin. By Robert Service, Science.

2015-08-06. King Coal, Long Besieged, Is Deposed by the Market. By James B. Stewart, New York Times.

2015-04-23. Oil and gas operations could trigger large earthquakes., By Eric Hand, Science (AAAS).

2015-01-08. The geographical distribution of fossil fuels unused when limiting global warming to 2 °C. By Christophe McGlade & Paul Ekins, Nature.



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