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2018-04-05. History of Mars’s Water, Seen Through the Lens of Gale Crater.

posted Apr 6, 2018, 9:14 PM by Alan Gould
By Ramin Skibba, AGU-Eos. For GSS A Changing Cosmos chapter 7. Excerpt: Past research indicates that the Red Planet may have been a very different world more than 3 billion years ago, with warmer weather, flowing rivers, lakes, and possibly even oceans of liquid water. These conditions would have been much more hospitable to nascent life-forms, if they existed. However, recent research is uncovering a different story. “There have been two competing viewpoints about the Martian climate at this time: the traditional warm-and-wet view and the view that Mars was always cold and icy,” explained Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna, a Mars-focused planetary scientist at the University of Arizona. Now, enter a third scenario: Billions of years ago, “Mars never really experienced a temperate Earth-like climate,” Andrews-Hanna added. Instead, a body of recent evidence points to an arid early Mars with pockets of wet patches.... https://eos.org/articles/history-of-marss-water-seen-through-the-lens-of-gale-crater