2017-12-04. London Mayor Seeks Revival of Public Drinking Fountains.

posted Dec 6, 2017, 7:33 PM by Alan Gould
By Alan Cowell, The New York Times. For GSS Ecosystem Change chapter 7. Excerpt: LONDON ...There was a time when skeptical old-timers derided bottled water as little more than a marketer’s trick to lure consumers into paying for a liquid that should cost next to nothing. And, equally, there were many people who asked where else they would find water when public drinking fountains had all but disappeared. But as concerns mount over the detritus of plastics that elude recycling, London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, let it be known on Monday that he wished to redress the balance by providing more drinking fountains and bottle-filling stations while reducing the prevalence of single-use packaging. ...The mayor, according to a news release from his office, “has asked City Hall officers to examine the feasibility of a pilot community water refill scheme or other interventions.” And he “supports boroughs in identifying suitable locations for water fountains and bottle-refill stations during the planning in new or redeveloped public spaces, such as town centers, shopping malls, parks and squares.” ...Globally, plastic bottles have become an environmentalist’s nightmare, with some reports suggesting that about half of the billions of bottles in circulation are not recycled..... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/04/world/europe/london-sadiq-khan-water-fountains.html 0