2017-05-01. Understanding Kamchatka’s Extraordinary Volcano Cluster.

posted May 7, 2017, 2:03 PM by Alan Gould
By Nikolai M. Shapiro et al, Earth & Space News EoS (AGU). For GSS Energy Flow chapter 3. Excerpt: Soaring 4750 meters above the Kamchatka Peninsula near the western shore of the Bering Sea, the Klyuchevskoy volcano is one of the most active in the world. ...in 2015–2016, ... an international collaboration conducted the first geophysical survey of the entire KVG. The effort was named the Klyuchevskoy Investigation—Seismic Structure of an Extraordinary Volcanic System (KISS) experiment. Data from KISS’s instrument network offer an unprecedented look at one of Earth’s most active volcanic regions and could reveal whether the underlying magma reservoirs are connected by one large volcanic supercomplex. ..Because of its strong and variable activity, the KVG is a unique natural laboratory for studying volcanism in a subduction zone. ...Volcanic eruptions regularly affect a few small settlements located near the KVG, and they pose a significant threat to aviation because many international flights that connect North America and Asia pass over Kamchatka. Large explosive eruptions such as those of Bezymianny in 1956 and Shiveluch in 1964, when about 1 cubic kilometer of erupted material was ejected, might be particularly dangerous....  https://eos.org/project-updates/understanding-kamchatkas-extraordinary-volcano-cluster