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2016-07-19. A note from the GSS Director.

posted Jul 21, 2016, 2:44 PM by Alan Gould
The article of 2016-07-19, How Renewable Energy Is Blowing Climate Change Efforts Off Course, by Eduardo Porter, The New York times calls attention to the vital problem of electrical energy storage needed for renewable energy systems to succeed in replacing our currently unsustainable systems. In my  opinion, the problem of electrical energy storage has reached a tipping point and really needs be solved as soon as possible.  I see two routes to solution, not at all mutually exclusive:
  1. Actions by power companies to install electrical energy storage systems such as large battery farms, hydro-storage systems, or other as yet untapped advanced technologies (huge flywheels?). 
  2. Radically advancing the incentives for local domestic small-scale electrical storage systems such as home, business, and industrial battery energy storage systems. Such systems allow home owners to store energy during peak renewable times to power their homes during the times that renewable power is not operating.