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2016-06-21. PG&E to close Diablo Canyon.

posted Jun 22, 2016, 9:18 AM by Alan Gould
By David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle. For GSS Energy Use chapter 4. Excerpt: Pacific Gas and Electric Co. announced Tuesday it will close California’s last nuclear plant, Diablo Canyon, in 2025, ending atomic energy’s more than a half-century history in the state. The move will shutter a plant whose construction on a seaside cliff surrounded by earthquake faults helped create the antinuclear movement. And yet, some conservationists have fought to keep Diablo Canyon open, arguing California needed its output of greenhouse gas-free electricity to not exacerbate global warming. ... PG&E CEO Tony Earley told The Chronicle that as the company looked into California’s energy needs for the coming decades, it didn’t see a place for Diablo Canyon. ...competition from power plants burning cheap natural gas has driven several older nuclear plants out of business. ...PG&E’s Earley, ...the former chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute lobbying group, he is a longtime believer in nuclear power. But he says PG&E can find enough affordable renewable power and energy storage solutions to replace Diablo Canyon without significantly raising rates. ... Newsom ...“The idea that the economics — from PG&E’s perspective — work for renewables is a pretty profound moment in energy policy,” [Lt. Gov. Gavin] Newsom said. “We’ve been asserting it for decades. And here you have a major utility acknowledging a low-carbon, green future.”...  http://www.sfgate.com/business/article/End-of-an-atomic-era-PG-E-to-close-Diablo-Canyon-8314258.php