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2015-04-07. Yale Climate Opinion Maps.

posted Apr 7, 2015, 4:15 PM by Alan Gould

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. For GSS Climate Change chapter 7. Excerpt: Public Opinion Estimates, United States, 2014, on these statements: Global warming is happening; Global warming is caused mostly by human activities; Most scientists think global warming is happening; Worried about global warming; Global warming is already harming people in the US; Global warming will harm me personally; Global warming will harm people in the US; Global warming will harm people in developing countries; Global warming will harm future generations; Fund research into renewable energy sources; Set strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants; Require utilities to produce 20% electricity from renewable sources; A carbon tax if refunded to every American household. Charts are granular at national, state, congressional district, and county levels....  http://environment.yale.edu/poe/v2014.