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2014-06-02. Berkeley Lab Study Highlights Growing Energy Impact of Internet Video Streaming.

posted Jun 21, 2014, 8:06 PM by Alan Gould

For GSS Energy Use chapter 2. Excerpt: How much CO2 was emitted when you streamed that movie from Netflix last night? It’s a question few people think about, but now researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ...have analyzed the energy usage of home movie viewing. They found that transmitting the bytes across the Internet accounts for the bulk of energy usage and emissions when streaming videos. In 2011, the year that they studied, Americans streamed 3.2 billion hours of video, which consumed 25 petajoules of energy (enough to power about 175,000 U.S. households for one year) and emitted 1.3 billion kilograms of CO2. More than half of the energy usage went to data transmission, according to the study by Arman Shehabi of Berkeley Lab and Ben Walker and Eric Masanet of Northwestern University. Their study, “The energy and greenhouse-gas implications of internet video streaming in the United States,” was published online recently in Environmental Research Letters.... https://newscenter.lbl.gov/2014/06/02/berkeley-lab-study-highlights-growing-energy-impact-of-internet-video-streaming/. By Julie Chao, Berkeley Lab News Center.