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2014-03-24. Carp(e) Diem: Kentucky Sends Invasive Fish To China.

posted Mar 29, 2014, 11:19 AM by Alan Gould

For GSS Ecosystem Change chapter 6. Excerpt: ...The invasive Asian carp has now been found in 12 states and in the Great Lakes watershed, gobbling up native fish, jumping aggressively into boats and reproducing like crazy. Researchers have tried various ways to slow the spread of the fish as it prowls other waterways. ...So now a processing plant in Kentucky is trying the latest method of Asian carp disposal: sending them to China. ...Angie Wu ships them to her native country — China — where they are a prized food. "There are a lot [of carp] in China but most of them are farmed ... not very clean as here," she says. Wu has shipped more than a half-million pounds of processed carp to China. ...Asian carp hasn't caught on in U.S. restaurants, but that hasn't stopped Kentucky from trying to teach people how to prepare it. ...The state has also hosted tastings to show people that when you fry Asian carp in cornmeal, it's not that different from catfish. ...one longtime fishermen and distributor, Ronnie Hopkins...says it is possible to make a living on Asian carp, but it's not easy. He says native fish sell for about 60 cents a pound — the abundant carp go for just 10 cents a pound ... and that's if he can find a local buyer. "I wish the state would get more involved and maybe use it as product in our schools. We're buying from other countries and other states right now when we've got an abundance of fish we could use," says Hopkins.... http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/03/24/293846571/carp-e-diem-kentucky-sends-invasive-fish-to-china. Whitney Jones, NPR.