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2013-12-03. NASA iPad Application Shows Earth Changing Before Your Eyes.

posted Dec 3, 2013, 3:52 PM by Alan Gould
For GSS A New World View chapter 6. Excerpt:  Human activities, a changing climate and natural disasters are rapidly altering the face of our planet. Now, with NASA's Images of Change iPad application, users can get an interactive before-and-after view of these changes. ...Some ... have suffered a disaster, such as a fire or tsunami, or illustrate the effects of human activities, such as dam building or urban growth. Others document impacts of climate change such as persistent drought and rapidly receding glaciers. "Images of Change" gives users an astronaut's or Earth explorer's view of the changes occurring on our planet and demonstrates the important role NASA plays in contributing to the long-term understanding of Earth," said John Grunsfeld, NASA's associate administrator for science in Washington.  ...Viewers can look at the images side-by-side or overlay them using a slider bar to travel from past to present. ...The Images of Change iPad app is available as a free download at: http://go.nasa.gov/1bE3osn [through] http://climate.nasa.gov.... http://www.nasa.gov/press/2013/december/nasa-ipad-application-shows-earth-changing-before-your-eyes-0/. NASA RELEASE 13-356.