2013-01-23. Is cold wave beetle’s death knell?

posted Feb 4, 2013, 2:41 PM by Lisa Ou
|  By Dale Rodebaugh, The Durango Herald. Relevant to GSS A New World View chapter 1. Excerpt:  The widespread cold in Southwest Colorado in recent weeks has been penetrating enough to shrivel people, but probably hasn’t fazed the spruce bark beetle, foresters say. It requires days, maybe weeks, of minus 20, minus 30 or minus 40 degrees to affect the bark beetle, which has ravaged broad stands of Engelmann spruce in many areas, including the Weminuche Wilderness north of Durango and Wolf Creek Pass to the east. “The colder it is and the longer it’s cold will bring more beetle mortality,” said Kent Grant, the district forester in Durango for the Colorado State Forest Service. “It would be nice to think it could happen, but don’t bank on it.” ... The eastern San Juan Mountains may have lost 90 percent of some spruce stands to the bark beetle, he said. In its 2012 report (the 2013 report isn’t out yet), the Colorado State Forest Service said the mountain pine beetle continued to be the most damaging forest pest in 2011.…. Read the full article: http://durangoherald.com/article/20130123/NEWS06/130129842/0/SEARCH/Is-cold-wave-beetle%27s-death-knell?