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2012-12-20. Meet the Change Makers: How UPS Delivers Big Energy Savings

posted Jan 8, 2013, 10:24 AM by Alan Gould
| Adam Aston, OnEarth (NRDC). Relevant to GSS Energy Use chapter 9. Excerpt: [Interview with  Scott Wicker, who was named UPS’s first chief sustainability officer in 2011.] …we saw that we were wasting a lot of time making left turns. The more time a van sits waiting to turn, the more fuel is burned idling. …Last year we avoided 98 million minutes of idling. …Last year … we estimate we avoided driving nearly 90 million miles thanks to improvements in routing and package-flow technologies. That translates into more than 8 million gallons of fuel not burned. Our technologies determine how to load each package and where each one goes on a specific shelf in the truck. this effort alone saved 653,000 gallons of fuel. …Our fleet of alternative-fueled vehicles is the largest in the industry, and one of the most diverse. …Many are powered by natural gas, … an alternative to diesel. … For long distances, we also have about 59 big rigs … powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). …Rounding out the alternative fleet are 381 hybrid electric models that, similar to Toyota’s Prius, use a combination of combustion, electric motors, and battery storage to boost mileage. Because they recapture so much of their energy through regenerative braking, these models are especially well-suited to urban routes…. …we’re rolling out 40 hydraulic hybrid delivery vehicles. …Instead of storing energy in a conventional battery, these vehicles use hydraulic fluid as the storage medium. When the vehicle accelerates, some of this stored pressure helps it to start moving. During braking, the process works in reverse: the vehicle’s momentum is converted into pressure to recharge the hydraulic tanks. It’s a remarkably rugged system that can save up to 40 percent of fuel….We’d like to get off of fossil fuels. That’s our goal….  Read the full article: http://www.onearth.org/article/meet-the-change-makers-how-ups-delivers-big-energy-savings