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2012-05-10. Science Academies Issue 'G-Science' Statements to Call World Leaders' Attention to How Science and Technology Can Help Solve Global Challenges

posted May 29, 2012, 1:14 PM by Lisa Ou
 | by William Skane and William Kearney, The National Academies. An article relevant to GSS Climate Change chapter 9 and Energy Use chapter 10. Excerpt: National science academies from 15 countries issued joint statements today calling on world leaders who are about to meet at the upcoming G8 Summit and other international gatherings this year to give greater consideration to the vital role science and technology could play in addressing some of the planet's most pressing challenges. The "G-Science" statements recommend that governments engage the international research community in developing systematic, innovative solutions to three global dilemmas: how to simultaneously meet water and energy needs; how to build resilience to natural and technological disasters; and how to more accurately gauge countries' greenhouse gas emissions to verify progress toward national goals or international commitments... one of the G-Science statements says insufficient attention is being paid to the links between energy and water or, in other words, to the fact that energy requires water and water requires energy.  Without considering water and energy together, inefficiencies will occur, increasing shortages of both, the statement warns.  It recommends that policymakers recognize the direct interaction between water and energy by pursuing policies that integrate the two, and emphasize conservation and efficiency.  Regional and global cooperation will also be required.... Read more: http://click.newsletters.nas.edu/?qs=0d1ac6b581292f075fc3a1b33ea57a453c93a0339377a50346c5ef3f94b43b47