Teacher Guides

and Professional Development

GSS Teacher Guides are available as web pages on a special GSS Teacher site. They can be printed or used online, according to teacher preference. The Teacher Guides have many additional Investigations or Lab Activities with pages you can copy and provide your students.

The Teacher Guides explain:

  • How can I customize GSS for my students?
  • How can I sequence the Guides in a one year course?
  • What will my students learn?
  • What teaching methods should I use?
  • How can I assess student learning?
  • How is GSS related to science education reform?
  • What support do I need to implement GSS?
  • Who created GSS and how was it created?

Since the Teacher Guides have some material not intended for students, we restrict access to the GSS Teacher site, but you may gain access for free by sending a message requesting such access to

Alan Gould

Alan Gould's e-mail address

In your message, please state your first & last name, school, city, and state.

At the GSS Teachers' site, all GSS Teacher Guides are available:
  • A Changing Cosmos
  • A New World View
  • ABCs of DEW Sortware
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystem Change
  • Energy Flow
  • Energy Use
  • Life and Climate
  • Losing Biodiversity
  • Population Growth
  • Ozone

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Professional Development in GSS
GSS professional development consultations and curriculum design meetings can be arranged either at Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley or by free video-conferencing. They can be tailored for your school, district, and state curriculum needs, either to fit existing curriculum or designing new curriculum. Contact Alan Gould (email above).