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Staff of the Global Systems Science Project                               

Director:     Alan Gould

Former Directors: Cary Sneider, Katharine Barrett

Series Authors:    
Katharine Barrett
John Erickson
Ted Robertson
JohnMichael Selzter
Richard Golden
Eloise Farmer
Brian Rogan
Joe Snider
 Florence Gaylin
Karen Hoffman
Lynn Rosentrater
Cary Sneider
 Alan Gould
John Pickle
Zach Smith
Sylvia Velasquez   

Teacher Specialists:
Candice Christenson, Christopher Harper
Editors:    Kay Fairwell    Carl Babcock

Librarian:    Marian Drabkin

Harriette Searle   
Miho Rahm
Precious Perry 
Jennifer Yim   
Peggy Storrs
Andrys Basten
Hemma Mistry  
Fiona Potter

Design:    Jim Hurd Design

Illustrations:    Audre Newman         Alan Gould            Cary Sneider       Neeraja Venkateswaran


We would like to thank the talented people who have reviewed the written materials, software activities, and/or hands-on activities. Their insightful comments and suggestions have been incorporated in this version.

Staff at the Museum of Science, Boston
Cary Sneider, Brian Rogan, David Rabkin, Lesley Kennedy, Ling Hsaio, Emily Simpson, Michael Schiess, Suzanne Spring, Nina Nolan, Ellen Busher, Loren Stolow, Alissa Flowers Nicol, Bill Waller, Adetunji Onamade, Marianne Dunne, Daisy Frederick, Marc Klureza, Susan Timberlake, Ingeborg Endter, Bob Bonazoli, Matt Pacewicz, David Sittenfeld, Eric Workman, Carolyn Kirdahy, Maureen McConnell, Sue Stoessel, David Cantor-Adams, Sharon Horrigan, Henry Robinson, Lynn Baum, Jeannine Trezvant, Robert Greene, Marion Tomusiak, and Cathy Clemens.

Visiting at the Museum of Science
Steve McDonald, UMASS Boston; Candace Julyan, Educator; Kathy Cunningham and Matt Amengual, GIS specialists; Momcilo Babic, Plant Geneticist; Beth Nicholson, Chairperson, Save the Harbor, Save the Bay; Teon Edwards, Remote Sensing Specialist at TERC; Crystal Schaaf, Remote Sensing Scientist, Boston University; Bill Lawler, education specialist in technology and computers; Dona Gartrell, President of The Learning Community Group; Don McCasland, Educator, Blue Hill Observatory, Milton, MA; Abbie Nguyen, Fenway High School, MA; Jack Sheridan, Science Supervisor for Boston Public Schools; Jodi Davenport, PhD student in Perception, MIT; and Mary O’Connor, Environmental Defense Fund.

Teachers of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, Augusta, Maine
Page Keeley, Janre Mullins, Dalene Dutton, Tom Stocker, Laurie Haines, Tom Stocker, Michael G. McGraw, Rachel Madison, Laurie Spooner, Deb Avalone-King, Marianne Dubois, Kathy Hockman, Shawn Carlson, Ralph F. Keyes, Kelly Dole, Matthew Geary, Kim Glidden, Susan Klemmer, Steven Knowles, and Harold B. Mosher.

Remote Sensing Specialists, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., Lexington, MA
Gary Gustafson, Robert D’Entremont, Jennifer Hegarty, Alan Lipton, Mark Leidner, and Rick Rosen.

Digital Earth Watch ProjectPartners
University of Maine: Jeff Beaudry
University of New Hampshire: Rita Freuder, Annette Schloss, Barry Rock, Mike Gagnon, William Armstrong
Indiana State University: Paul Mausel, Dennis Skelton, Nelson Dias, Vijay Lula.