A Changing Cosmos

A Changing Cosmos
is the latest edition of the Hands-On Universe (HOU) astronomy curriculum series.

Table of Contents

1. Cosmic Cataclysms

2. Astronomers' Tools

3. Cosmic Engines

4. Fathoming Huge Distances

5. Color, Temperature & Age

6. Dramatic Change in Stars

7. Planet-Star Systems

8. Search for Habitable Planets

9. Cosmos Begins... and Ends?

Index of Investigations


Book Credits

A Changing Cosmos originally was a compilation in a single book as the "Best" of the 7 original HOU high school curriculum books. The original TERC curriculum had 7 student books, with Teacher Guides:
  • Introduction to Image Processing—how to use the HOU Image Processing Software
  • Finding Features—including a Browser's Guide to the Universe.
  • Measuring Size—Use the pixel plate scale to measure a lunar crater; track Jupiter's moons; calculate mass of Jupiter.
  • Measuring Color—colors of stars, the HR diagram, and how stars evolve according to their mass.
  • Measuring Distance—Learn how the cosmological distance ladder is used to determine the distance to far away objects.
  • Measuring Brightness—Learn about photometry -- measurement of light from a celestial object.
  • Searching for Supernovae—See how astronomers find supernovae -- exploding stars.