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Revision History

ADI software revision history

2016 Aug 3:
  • Fixed a problem with saving the images (now can save two resolutions - the original resolution while having spatial measurements and color enhancements/masking and the displayed image—much lower resolution but can capture the zoom/panning). 
  • Added "rubber banding" when using the path, polygon, and angle tools (after first point created by clicking on the image, the software tracks the cursor and draws a line from the last point to the cursor location),
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Time Series window.

2016 July 15:
  • Now have three color models to enhance and analyze images:
  1. Red-Green-Blue,
  2. Cyan-Magenta-Cyan, and
  3. Hue-Saturation-Value
  • Modified Colorness enhancements. Example:
    Redness = Red / (Red + Green + Blue),
    Yellowness = Yellow / (Cyan + Magenta + Yellow), and
    Hueness = Hue / (Hue + Saturation + Value).
  • Modified Color Essence enhancements. Example:
    Red Essence = Red * Redness,
    Yellow Essence = Yellow * Yellowness, and
    Hue Essence = Hue * Hueness.
  • Now there are 13 predefined color enhancements for each of the three color models may be viewed from the Spatial, Enhancement, and Mask Windows using the Display Menu. This allows rapid viewing, manipulation, and measurement of these enhancements. These enhancements are also available when viewing histogram color distribution and color along lines/paths graphs.
  • May draw up to 6 spatial measurement tools on an image, and they may be exported as a picture. . They must be the same tool – you may not change spatial tools. Can modify measurements after other measurements are drawn. Only the current/selected spatial tool is saved when using Save Measurements.
  • May hide the colored circles of spatial tools to improve precision of spatial measurements.