Help GSS

Help sustain Global Systems Science:

If you are finding Global Systems Science or Hands-On Universe (HOU) online materials of value,
and are able to help keep them online free of charge for everyone,
here are some ways you can help us out:

  1. Purchase licenses/memberships (for books, webpages, software, and updates)
    in increments of $5. Online payments can be made through the Discovery Corner Toy and Book Store.

         • Credit Card online
         • Check or School Purchase Order

    Licenses may serve as:

    1. Permission to print or distribute GSS or HOU materials electronically: e.g. $5/user or /student,

    2. A way to provide simple project support.

    3. Membership at levels in increments of $5
      (e.g. purchase twenty $5 licenses for a $100 "bronze" membership).

  2. Participation:  Contact Alan Gould <Alan Gould's e-mail address> if you are interested in helping out, e.g.
    • contributing to Staying-Up-To-Date section for a particular book or chapter of a book
    • focusing on GSS (or HOU) in a professional learning community
    • helping to develop funding sources
    • helping promote GSS teachers, students and the general public.
GSS and HOU are a projects of Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley.