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Development of Global Systems Science began long before even the National Science Education Standards (NSES) were developed, yet it addresses many of the standards even to this era of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

For the record, the original mappings of GSS to NSES are, book by book:

    1. New World View
    2. Climate Change
    3. Life and Climate
    4. Ozone
    5. Losing Biodiversity
    6. Energy Flow
    7. Ecosystem Change
    8. Population Growth
    9. Energy Use
* There are 4 columns in each of the above Excel documents:
GSS book, chapter, and page #
 Relevant Quote from GSS book  Code:
NSES Chapter, page #, section subheading, and bullet number.
 Relevant quote from NSES.

See also Cary Sneider's Global Systems Science and the National Science Education Standards.

Correlations of GSS with State Standards